Mike Budenholzer Signs 3-Year Extension With Milwaukee Bucks, Sources Say


Ago, Most people thought Mike Budenholzer be fired as head coach of the box. The Bucks looked like they were going to take another early dump in the playoffs. Then all sorts of things happened. Everybody else got injuries. Kevin Durant had his foot on the line. And instead of getting knocked out in the semi finals of the Eastern Conference, the Bucks won game seven. In that series, came back and beat Atlanta. Came back from down to nothing. It's that beat Phoenix won the NBA championship, and Budenholzer, who had only one year left in his contract, and was widely thought to be on the hard seat. According to multiple news reports today. Mike Budenholzer has signed a three year extension of his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks said obvious is going to be here for some time to come. Uh, odd Budenholzer. Every coaches, pluses and

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