GOP's Larry Elder Looks for Shock Win in California Recall


Larry elder's up for this Recall election on the Fourteenth of september just coming up in two weeks and if governor gavin newsom who's actually being recalled in the air attempted to be recalled if he gets recalled all the polls say the winner of question to on the bounds of two part question. Western one is should get a new some be recalled as governor yes or no and a fifty one percent of the people vote. Yes he's out. There's no appeal. There's no nothing none of this foot-dragging which they always accused trump of alison trump. Wouldn't leave the white house. Trump is this that and the other and you know they're the ones who were re litigating. The hillary clinton spectacular loss from twenty sixteen and he leave it to the democrats Two weeks ago they filed a suit trying to stop this recall election that over one point seven million people signed the recall gavin newsom of the filed a lawsuit to stop it saying it was unconstitutional. That's funny yeah. Wasn't unconstitutional when gray. Davis was recalled and arnold schwarzenegger became governor wasn't unconstitutional. In the many many many recalls that have happened in california since nineteen eleven. Thank you very much or as biden would say since nineteen eleven but now larry elder is moving up in the polls and all of a sudden. They're all scared to death. And they have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at. This guy is just unbelievable. He's the face of white supremacy. Yeah larry happens to be black. But that's okay. I he's Trying to take control of the state for trump. Not really you know but thank you for playing our game.

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