A highlight from From the Vault: Fingernails, Part 1


And i'm joe mccormack and it's saturday time to go into the vault for an older episode of the show. This time we are airing the first part of our series on fingernails. This originally came out. September first twenty twenty gal. Let's dive right in. Welcome to blow your mind. Production of iheartradio. Hey what can this stuff to blow your mind. My name is robert lamp. And i'm joe mccormack in today working to be embarking on part one of exploration of nails not nails like you hit with the hammer though. I guess you could hit him with the hammer. The that would be really bad talking about the kind of nails on the human body. And i was thinking just the other day about how nails are sort of the mascot for idleness for human idleness because when humans are idle what part of the body is going to get the most attention. I think it's almost always going to be the nail right. You're either pay. Some people bite their nails. If you're not biting your nails you're often like looking at your nails. It kind of observing like other too long or like. Oh there's some kind of weird thing here perhaps. This is idiosyncratic psychology of mine. But but i think this is pretty common right. Yeah i mean even if you're not even looking at them some sort of feel them like you're just sort of feeling the edges of your nails and making sure everything's things lined up there for my own part. I i tend to find that. I notice him the most when i am or in the more in the past really the but if i was driving into work and be stuck at a light or something and then i would notice my nails and i would be and that's when i would notice that i need to trim my nails and you know of course being in a position where i really shouldn't be trimming my nails and then the rest of the time. I'm not really noticing them. That's why the good lord made teeth. Yeah we'll get into that. That's not particularly my style but Do my cat is a big big fan herself. I'm also not a nailbiter. But i there people very close to me who are and i've observed the the the behavior for many years closed in with a lot of Thoughts about it. Yeah so so much like our two episodes on tomatoes last week. This is going to be a pair of episodes that that are going to get into some real weirdness. It's and and yeah so. I urge you to stick with us. Even if you think oh fingernails. I have those. I don't want to hear two episodes about it. But really i think i think you do and i think a great place to start would be just to just touch on sort of the the obvious weird aspects of our fingernails. I was thinking about this today because they are. They're obviously living. They are part of our body and yet they're not living in a way right. They're like these things. These little almost like Like stones that come out of our fingers right. Yeah well. I mean we think of ourselves as non claude animals. I think this is a pretty common intuitive grouping of animals that people make the kind with teeth and claws and the kind without and a lot of them have teeth and claws. Because you got to. It's a hard world out there but humans you know we've got tools and we've got social relationships and we've got language and all that so we don't really need clause but we kind of do because we kind of do have claws nails. There are not super formidable in claw sense but they're kind of clawlike. Yeah yeah i was thinking about. How the they're deaf. Our nails are definitely functional. We'll get into a lot of those functions as we progress here. They do play a very real role in our lives and yet on the same time at the same time they're very ornamental so their condition and their upkeep inevitably communicates something about ourselves to the world. You know We can't help but think about our own nails at times when we're in counting other people and like it or not you're gonna notice other people's nails are they. Are they all done up. Are they bright and colorful are they. Are they really. Making a statement are they. Are they kinda grimy or they you know they spotted with paint today. Show wear and tear like these are these are some of the things that are nails communicate. And and it's it's it's like if you're having a bad hair day of your hairs weird for whatever reason you know you can put on a cap and this in many circumstances and you know you kind of get by but a bad nail day or mad bad nail days or months or what have you. That's often kind of difficult to ignore but on both sides right i mean you can wear gloves everywhere. But that's gonna communicate something else entirely you're gonna look like you're ready do some strangling or a bond villain or something right Or you know

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