A Dutch Group May Have a Way to Cut Carbon Emissions


Un estimates that twenty percent of global carbon emissions come from residential buildings. A dutch organization thinks it might have found a way to drastically cut that number. Here's villa marks at the hague of all. The niche on tuna have lived in the same apartment in the dutch capital for the past four decades. Last year. they're building gonna makeover with triple glazed windows and a new insulated facade entail every everybody and the whole house is now warm yorker says with much lower energy costs. Almost six thousand other dutch homes have been through a similar retrofit devised by the nonprofit group. Energy sprung or energy leap. They end objective should be buying a retrofit as easy as buying a new kitchen. In ron boehner helped found energy sprung in two thousand ten and it's worked with banks regulators engineers and entrepreneurs to develop the best retrofit approach for homes worldwide. Eighty percent of the buildings that will be here in twenty fifty at least in europe have already been built and they were not built to standard that had in mind that we had to eliminate carbon emissions. And so unless we do that. Too all the buildings. We're never going to get the. I wouldn't say never but not within the timeframe that we got left. We don't have two hundred years to phase out carbon during the small dutch china limited votes. That prefabricated facades that can simply be hooked onto outside of existing old homes improving the energy efficiency eighty percent the undershirts woman from the facade manufacturer. Rc panels explains they use lasers to measure a building's dimensions. The size taylor. Doors and windows added to the panels in the factory exactly set course if he does. The door just doesn't open. The units shipped in a complex of three hundred apartments could be wrapped up in a matter of hours. Another element of an enemy sprung. Retrofit is how these homes a heated a separate dutch firm called factories zero bills a single module with heat pumps electric boilers and solar panels. All computer controlled

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