Number of Americans in Afghanistan to Be Rescued Unclear


What's the minimum number about which we are certain that are there and have not been able to get out is at one hundred is at five hundred. Is it five thousand. Do they have any minimum number. No no number at all. At least from what i saw. They resisted providing specific number which is incredible now. Their argument is okay. When people come into afghanistan they're encouraged to register with the embassy. Some do some don't and then some don't d- register when they leave the country. I understand but we should at least have some range of an estimate about how many we have contact with you right exactly. How many have contacted you. Because you gotta let now. My question is if people forgotten danny pearl. Have they forgotten the woman journalist in syria. They forgotten the beirut's cia station cheap. These are fanatics. it's not like we're giving the pirates. They're they're the absolute worst people in the world and we're abandoning americans to it. It's mind boggling. And by the way. The taliban has american hostages right now to me. I don't understand. I don't understand why if we're gonna make this humiliating surrender agreement. Why didn't even include getting some hostages back that we know they have the final thing. I mean. the other thing i'd say is if the white house continues to make this argument that will don't worry about the collapse of position afghanistan leaving behind american citizens the fact that we don't have the ability to over the horizon counter-terrorism there it's all about china and the pacific our past actions and our reputation in a in a different theater doesn't matter in terms of our ability to deter china. Okay well if you accept that argument then everything. Hinges on the balance of power in the indo pacific vis-a-vis china and that balance of power is getting worse in large part because the biden defense department is making it worse and it's budget is abysmal. And yesterday we voted on a five trillion dollar bill that takes us to the lowest level of defense. Spending is a function of gdp in eighty years. So their priorities which are all out of whack. Which hinge entirely on passing a bernie sanders progressive budget while decimating defense that is weakening our position vis-a-vis china

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