Deer Breeding Facility in South Texas Detect Chronic Wasting Disease


Shed. Grody is wildlife. Officer here in marion county and other counties as well correct chad you work here and wyandotte county. A few others are just pretty much mary. So state while f. officers were assigned to a specific county. Marion county is the one i'm assigned to But we also work throughout the state. We have statewide jurisdiction and My work unit typically is more south in district one But wyan dot hardin. County is also connected in my general area. Where where the cw dvd's disease surveillance area is going to be. That we're gonna talk about. I got you and that's what we are talking about. So chad is in as a wildlife officer here in marion county to talk about chronic wasting disease which you may have heard of being in our dear you may have heard some rumors. You may have heard some things that are correct. You may have been reading on it. But we decided to bring chad in and talk a little bit about it because number one we're coming up to To deer season people again begin to to to hunt deer and number two. Obviously this is something that is affecting about a. I guess it would be more of a twenty mile area. It's a ten mile radius around where the chronic wasting disease was found up in wyandotte county. So chad first of all tells a little bit about chronic wasting disease what is it. What's the history. How did he get here and become a thing. Yeah so chronic. Wasting disease has been around for quite a while it's been located in other states around us and Cw d. was found in wyandotte county recently but previously we had found it and some of our whitetail deer homes and wayne homes and wayne county. Yeah so since Those have been located are found The disease surveillance area for them have expired We haven't had any more positives in that general area But unfortunately we recently had to positives in wyandotte county Which created the disease surveillance area for our general area. Okay

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