New Orleans Saints to Use Interim Facility for First Month of Season


The new orleans saints have picked their starting quarterback jameis winston. Jeff duncan covering the team new orleans times. Picayune sports columnist. Let me start with that season opener given the weather and we still have some time. Here is their contingency plans. If the saints can't host the packers that opening weekend jeff dan. They're working on that right now. I mean the situation is so fluid as you can imagine in new orleans. The power outages catastrophic. The entire city is still out of power. And so there's so many other priorities right now in the city beyond the football game and we stopped the sean payton this morning. Big look like the saints are going to set up shop in the dallas fort worth area. Absurd least the next month or so and he mentioned that they'd even looked into possibly playing their home games over in dallas and. At and t. stadium. I think that's one of the ideas they're not going around with. There's so many moving parts here other trying to make roster cuts today get players out of there and they got families members all in the hotel move hotel so it's a it's a crazy situation very unprecedent.

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