Italian Grand Prix: Max Verstappen on Pole After Valtteri Bottas Wins Sprint


Vouch. we bought one one seconds qualifying at the twenty two nd. Two italian gregory beating max staffan with lewis hamilton fifth after making a poor start from among side us down robotic finished third mclaren ahead of his teammate landowners who kept hamilton at bay for the duration of the race which was disrupted by a fast lap crash for twenty months of winter. Pa ouseley ghazi. Briefy fit the mccaren of down. Your ricardo damaged his front wing as a result which went underneath his front wheels causing him to shoot off into the gravel. The crash about the safety car and ask as these call was recovered a clash between iki snow to number but cubits so usa came about the race restarted on that four of eighteen with batas romping to one point six second lead over verstappen with hamilton chasing. The two mclarens both tie as fast as the mediums of the cheerleaders. On the second mercedes recorded came home fourteen point five seconds behind the winner with norris keeping hamilton behind him who at times was even sliding around dramatically shall lead time. His ferrari teammate call assigned in sixth and seventh the former recovering from feeding on while at the end of f. b. two scientists ferrari had been rebuilt off his heavy f. b. to crash came highway started ahead of antonucci of nazi. The affirmation drive ahead of the charging such a paris to finish with the red bull. Dr having to make a couple of attempts to pause after martin's launch drove for that position.

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