Afghanistan, Mike Gallagher And DHS discussed on Hope in the Night


Through a deeply skeptical Western response. To say the radio network interview. Wisconsin Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher argued there was a way to pull out of Afghanistan that wasn't so humiliating. Don't have precise numbers on those, but I think the administration's um approximation that it's in the hundreds. Lowballing it personally. If you you add an L. P. R's green card holders as we should. We should treat those as people. We have a duty to get out. Gallagher says the Biden doctrine is to show to sow chaos through weakness. Approximately 60,000 people have arrived in the United States from Afghanistan since mid August. That's the latest estimate from the Department of Homeland Security. DHS says 17% of those arrivals are U. S citizens and permanent residents who were in Afghanistan when the government there fell to the Taliban, the remaining 83% or a mix of people, including those who worked as interpreters or in some other capacity for the U. S. Or NATO. Correspondent Greg Clarkston. Members of Congress and law enforcement are brushing for potential security threats on September the 18th with a rally is planned to support the more than 570 people charged with crimes in the January 6th attack. The Capitol police are expected to present their security plan to the Capitol Police board this week. While the Metropolitan Police Department is also expected to ramp up its presence for the planned rally near the capital's west front. The group organizing the rally look ahead. America is led by Matt Brainard. Who served as a campaign staffer for former president Trump about 300 to 500. Attendees are expected at the event, including members of groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. It's not yet clear if any members of Congress will be in attendance, but some prominent House

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