Earlier in the season is lasting longer. Already, Western fires have black in an area the size of New Jersey. Kirk Siegler. NPR NEWS Boise US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is defending the manner in which the Biden administration ended the war in Afghanistan. Blinken suggested any finger pointing over the chaos of the U. S. Troop withdrawal should be aimed at the Trump administration. He says the Biden administration inherited a pullout deadline. But no plan for it. When we took office, we inherited a program with a 14 step process based on a statutory framework enacted by Congress and involving multiple government agencies. And a backlog of more than 17,000 s ivy applicants. There had not been a single interview in the S I V program in Kabul for nine months, going back to March, 2020. The program was basically in a stall. Secretary Blinken says there was no indication that the Afghan government and its security forces would collapse and just 11 days. Wall Street stocks closed mixed The Dallas or 261 points. This is NPR news. Authorities are preparing for potential violence during a plant rally outside of the U. S Capitol building this weekend. Part of the plan includes reinstalling temporary fencing in hopes of avoiding a repeat of the deadly violence that unfolded there on January. 6th. Rally organizers are insisting that

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