Boston-Area Catholic Priest Found Guilty of Child Abuse, Banned From Priesthood

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Now. News of the godly catholic priest who formerly led parishes in the boston area has been barred from public ministry. After an ecclesiastical panel found him guilty of sexually abusing a minor in the nineteen sixties. According to the archdiocese of boston it confirmed the resolution of the case involving reverend paul mclaughlin. It said mclaughlin. Ninety one had been found guilty of child abuse and his sentence has been affirmed by the vatican his sentence. Four years in no live a life of prayer and penance. Ouch that smarts. In the light of that sentence the archdiocese said mclaughlin who currently lives in california. Well let's get the lapd check is a social media. No he's barred from exercising any public ministry including celebrating masses edition. He may not provide spiritual direction may not wear clerical attire and cannot function as a cleric quote he is to live in contemplation of his sins and pray for all of those affected by his conduct said the archdiocese the globe. The boston globe reported in february two thousand three that three men. The prior year had come forward to accuse mclaughlin of abusing them in the nineteen sixties in september two thousand and one is placed on administrative leave following an allegation of use abuse reported to have occurred in late nineteen sixties with a minor. One man said mcglaughlin. I'm not gonna read that one. You can imagine it. When he was eleven or twelve years old he was also accused in a separate lawsuit of abusing a boy at least ten times from nineteen sixty seven to nineteen sixty nine. The boy was a ten.

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