What Is The Summer Marketing Slump With Hubspot Senior Manager Pamela Bump

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Pamela. Welcome to summer slump. Week on the tech podcast. Thank you. i'm really glad to be here excited to have you as our guest. Always a pleasure to talk to someone from one of our most important sponsors hub spot. Thank you in advance for helping to support the martic podcast and also thank you for joining us. You're the expert on what. I enthusiastically called summer slump month but i probably should say summer slump month. Talk to me about what the summer slump is. So recently i worked with my editorial team and some hubs by content analysts and we did some deep data research into the potential of summer slump. So the idea of summer slump is that businesses occasionally see seasonality and issues with getting high engagement high traffic high deal closing rates during the summer. These things tend to dip because a lot of people are kind of unplugging we see a lot of people taking time off a lot of teams might lose some motivation and productivity during the summer which is a natural thing to see but we wanted to do some deeper research to see how it might be different this year compared to twenty nineteen which was the last recent year that was uninfected by the pandemic since the pandemic did impact summer related data and data in general last year so we did some deep data to look into summer slob and we learned a bit about which industries were seeing some of the biggest dips and the biggest rises and business upticks in the summer this year. A lot to unpack there. Let's start off with the reason why there is a summer slump. You mentioned that last year was a little bit of a unique snowflake for reasons that do not need to be rehashed covert but this year is kind of a little bit more of a regular old year. People are out and about doing things but we still see some softening in the summer. I know who i blame. It's children they don't have school so parents have to take care of them. So they're away from work so we all get

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