LA Unified to Force Kids to Get Vaccinated


L. a. unify the la unified school district to meet thursday. That's today over. Kovic vaccine mandate for students approval. Likely what does that mean. What agent above twelve. So ladies and gentlemen if you are in the la unified school district and you vaccinate your twelve year old You're doing something deeply irresponsible just to keep your kid in the despicable corrupt school that your kid goes to anyway so you have a double whammy you might be. I'm not saying you are. You might be hurting your child. You're certainly not helping your child ba- far better if your child ninety nine point nine percent of the time got covert and natural antibodies. The number of children dying from covert is infinitesimally small smaller than the flu. Yet they are telling you you must give your child vaccine and you will do it because it is so much easier to send your kid to school than not to and i get it it is. It's a lot easier to send your kid to school so even though they will corrupt your child rob your childhood innocence. Teach your child to hate everything you stand for. Teach them to hate this country. Teach them a godless curriculum and produce a worse. Human being who has nothing and now has to have an inoculation vaccination at twelve. You will still send your kid there when there is a beautiful loving wonderful option not to send your child to school to send your child to a school that does not require this and does not teach america hatred or to home school. Your child

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