Episode 228 The Yarn Wall - burst 20

The Moratorium


He was in a movie. Nineteen eighty eight called frankenstein general hospital. That is weird. Because i just watched We were watching a garth. Murray geeze dark place. Have you seen that love it. Yeah there seems like it could also be called frankenstein general hospital. exactly irwin. Keyes plays the monster options. Sure that's gotta be good for his self esteem exactly. Bunk jones is also in that or ra bunka. Jones says that she was in the kindred. Yup we talked about earlier during the kindred episode. Go back to listen to that episode. Yeah but i watched the trailer for this. And i almost didn't make it through the trailer. Yeah felt it was actually putting out a smell horrible. They did credit mary shelley in the riding horse. Yeah give credit where credit is due. The actual story that mary shelley was writing. Was reagan stein. General hospital we turned it into a shitty of. Is this a. This is a movie right. Yeah okay quote as on the film. man.

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