What to do in New Hampshire


What kind of itinerary are you going to recommend for someone who is coming to new hampshire. Let's say for the first time. So i have a couple actually. Why have one more for the nature lovers and people who like hayek hike or at least see mountains and that brings you all the way up to the top of new hampshire which borders canada. And ideally you see some moose on that type a trip and i can go over that and then there are some other smaller trips that either. Bring you out to portsmouth and the sea. Coast the ride along. The coast is really nice. Brings into main rail fast. But that's still good and there's a few different towns in between that kind of those must sees. Okay we'll shall we start with the first one then with the outside outdoors absolutely. So if you start in southern new hampshire or anywhere else in new hampshire in you head north you can visit flim gorge. It's new hampshire state park. They have tours. they have walking trails. It's much more walking. Friendly than some of the other trails that have boulders boardwalks and railings and all that fun stuff you can either go and visit a small bit of it for free or you can actually go in and get admission and visit more of it now where you say when we start there. We're probably starting somewhere further south. You've already taken us. Almost two thirds of the way up to state to flynn gorge just people on the map to me. That's where all the beauty starts is once you get up in the white mountains in southern new hampshire. It ain't no slacker either. Yeah we'll get into some of the nice stuff in southern new hampshire by having lived around. This area ended massachusetts. I definitely prefer the air up. North is just fresher clean. And you have all these beautiful lakes to kayak and you have mountain views

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