The Benefits of Exercise Vs. Diet For Fat Loss


Now. What's also interesting. Is that another study compared. And this when you're gonna find fascinating. So what they did was. They put people into a negative energy balance. Like you would if you're on a diet or you weren't eating enough calories or you're exercising or exercising and restricting calories and what they found was well what they looked at first of all what they looked at was participants in which they got them into a negative energy balance by having an exercise their way to a negative energy balance so exercising to burn calories and burn a greater number of calories. And you're taking in caloric restriction to do the same thing or combining exercise with caloric restriction. Now here's what's interesting when we look at visceral fat which is arguably one of the types of fat stats of particular concern because it is the type of fat that's associated with an increase in metabolic risk and you compare that to the amount of subcutaneous fat loss. Which is you know. That's more the battle on your arms. Your legs less less problematic when it comes to chronic disease risk factors what the findings were was that all the groups that experience a negative energy balance through either clark restriction or exercise loss fat but the group that achieved all of their weight loss via exercise lost the most amount of the visceral fat even more than the people who got the negative balance through a combination of exercise and calorie restriction. So this kind of shows you that. I mean from a fat loss and particularly a decrease in a problematic type of fat trying to get the the best way to do. It is via movement not just dieting and even movement alone seems to be able to do and this is probably because skeletal muscle can act in different organs just like hormones. Skeletal muscle secretions action. Different hormones are in different organs so those molecules called myo canes and their secretion is influenced by exercise for example i'll six which is a site. Akina gets a created by your muscles. During exercise that promotes we know this visceral adipose tissue loss in response to exercise possibly even related to that vesicles signaling effect that i brought up earlier that they've just studied and found but i mean if you're in a scenario where like dieting is not an option. Whatever maybe it's a highly social scenario or your family union on vacation or whatever you can still stave off all of the nasty fat accumulation. That's the most problematic kind of fat accumulation through just exercise actually beats out dieting. Jeff was super interesting

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