How to Cultivate a Strategic Mindset to Accomplish Anything

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Today's guest teacher. Hanukkah antonelli was born in south africa and has become an accomplished author and award winning life coach with her sixteen years of experience. She's been helping people up level their lives so much so she launched a new book called the up level project. But guess what she's here today to teach you how to change your mindset. How to think more strategically so that you can cut through the fluff in the fog in your head and actually accomplish the things you set out to do. I'm gonna pass that onto hanukkah. But i'll be back to wrap up today's episode. Give my takeaways but for now. Take away hanukkah. Hi there everyone. I am hanukkah and thank you so much for joining me today. I am going to be teaching you how to cultivate a strategic mindset to achieve success and accomplish anything. You want and. I'm going to be doing that today by teaching you. An easy and scientifically backed formula. That will help you to step into a more strategic mindset. So let's get down to business so first off. You may be going to yourself okay. So why is it so important for me to step into a strategic mindset. Well this science now proves according to articles that were published on science daily dot com and proceedings of the national academy of sciences that the reason why successful people are so exit successful is because they are more strategic these sources also go on to mention that it's possible for anyone to shift into a strategic mindset and i know this to be true through my work in my business. Coaching practice where i work with multiple six to seven figure entrepreneurs to help them to step into that strategic mindset. And so now you're gonna go okay. So how do you do that. Hanukkah and the way i do that is by helping entrepreneurs to understand how their mind works

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