Brazil and Argentina Suspension Shocker



Just when you think you've seen it on in the game. The matches then stopped by brazilian authorities. After seven minutes. This was an extraordinary series of events. Brazil take on argentina income and bone qualifying. of course. this was the big game of the day. A game that eventually was abandoned. Thank goodness guy is heads a try. Tallies exactly what happened god. Okay so wow all right. So there's four argentine players who any buendia martinez romero and lasalle su. Who is you know. Play their football. In the united kingdom For tottenham and aston villa respectively. Brazil have a rule in place. Where just as brazil is on. United kingdom's red list United kingdom is on brazil's red list and then means that anybody entering the country has to quarantine for ten days. They've been In this case the united kingdom Over the previous two weeks now These four players as they came in they didn't put the fact that they had been in the united kingdom on their whoever filled up their forms for them didn't put them in in the forms at the airport. The brazilian authorities noticed this. It took them a couple of days because they've been in for three days. There's different reports about how hard they tried or whether they were able to go and approach them and now a deport them or get them to quarantine eventually. They said he could only get to them at the stadium once. They were at the stadium. The difficulty getting into the dressing room because it was locked and so eventually aided by police they came on the pitch stopped the match. There was some throwing and eventually argentina's said okay. Never mind this. We're leaving and they left the stadium. Brazil stuck around. They had a kickabout for the delight of the fans. Were in the ground.

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