9/11 20th Anniversary: What Happened on September 11 2001?

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Saturday september eleventh two thousand twenty one marks the twentieth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks on the united states which left nearly three thousand dead and injured some twenty five thousand people shortly of rate o'clock that morning. The group of islamic terrorists hijacked four airplanes before flying them towards landmark buildings in new york and washington. Dc in the hours that followed the deadliest attack on us soil since pearl. Harbor unfolded live on tv screens around the world but as we struggle to make sense of what we were watching. Hundreds of survivors remained trapped in the upper floors of the world trade center in new york. The episode. you're about to hear. Is graphic first person account from inside two world trade center all that we couldn't see in those minutes told by someone who was just beneath the impact zone when the second plane hit this is nine eleven janice brooks inside the south tower. My name is janice brooks originally from london from east end of london company. Money broncos cool you're burgers and we had an office in london. I answered the telephone. I worked for the managing director. I worked for the brokers. If i needed cavs flowers i did. Invoice is at toppings that was kind of a multifaceted role the ceo of the company. Whose name was gil. it wasted. What from new come from new york and it was one of those okay. What might doing with my life kind of moments. I've been married. Not for me. And i just felt that i love america. It took a wall but I finding made the decision to go to work in new york. And i moved on. The twins said.

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