South Park Creators Pledge 14 New Films for Paramount+

/Film Daily


Good news. They're going to be making fourteen new south park movies. Brad tell us breath us. Yeah not only are getting fourteen newsouth part movies. But it's part of this big new overarching deal that trey parker and matt stone the creators of south park just strapped with mtv entertainment studios and viacom. Cbs because they're also Extending south park out through. It's a milestone thirtieth season and then the deal also includes these fourteen director streaming southbound spinoff movies that will be released exclusively on paramount plus. And this is a deal that is going to make parker and stone over nine hundred million dollars which is crazy I mean. I don't even gosh i nine hundred million dollars. I mean even split between the. It's still four hundred fifty million dollars and that's just it's crazy to me. That's a crazy amount of content to commit to the like rpm still like clamoring for south park at this point. I mean south park still has very loyal fans. It's you know there's a reason it's been around for this long. It's a staple of comedy central. It's the recent specials that they've done the vaccination special they did You know a previous special. They had as well. I think it was the holiday special. And so they've proven to be very popular still and it's just to show that stuck around for so long and people continue to watch it so it's you know it's one of those things where it's just a staple now of television essentially and it's gonna keep going as long as you know Viacom keeps ordering new seasons of

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