Why Clayton Fletcher Prefers Winner-Take-All Tournaments


I would love it if all tournaments were winner-take-all even even with eight thousand players. Because you can still make a deal if you get to the final table and you guys say all right. There's eighty million dollars in prize pool. You guys want to do an equity chop. You could still do that right. Maybe the tv producers wouldn't like that but you could do it off the record and still play for the trophy or whatever. But i know that's never going to happen because players have gotten used to the gradual increase from ten percent of the field which used to be standard. Now it's closer to fifteen percent For many tournaments and even on some online events that i've played in is greater than than fifteen percent. Now remember if you go from ten percent to fifteen percent that's not a five percent increase. That's a fifty percent increase. That's a lot more people getting paid and what it results in is a lot of tiny little prizes. For barely eking into the money and then players for years didn't like top-heavy payout structures. Okay so if you guys don't want to do a winner take all fine at least make first-place way more valuable than all the other places like in the old days. The early days there world poker tour. No one remembers this but every tournament basically had fifty percent of the prize pool for first place nowadays. You're hard pressed to find one with twenty percent for first place but what it did is it forced people to play for i. You have to incentivize the players playing for i do just said if you incentivize players trying to ladder up because the difference is only a few hundred dollars anyway or a few thousand dollars depending on the buy in then do going to get tanking. But if everybody's really trying to win the tournament and win first place then. You're going to see people take more chances. Get after it more because all the money is up there. You gotta get all the chips.

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