How To Get More From Your Workouts at Home or Outdoors


For me. At the time. I was like my training has to be heavy and it was like. It's not a workout unless it's heavy and that's what the bobble kind of provide the bob elders. Just a simple way for you to add a lot of load to some very basic movement patterns like you take a dead lift. It doesn't get more basic than a dead lift right. It's the simplest movement you can. you can do doesn't think doing like technically well rod. Anyone can do it whether or not. There's like bobble aficionados out there that can you say that yes but in any case had to be heavy so i was trying these guys in the park and so obviously i didn't have. I didn't take barbells to the puck. I'd kettlebells but so i'm like well i made like white like it's got to be heavy for these 'cause cleaning like for Eighty kilo male five reps of kettlebells claim with sixteen kilos. Just isn't really that hot. So it's like one hundred twenty full-color kettlebells fuck. I need to thirty. Two's so i had in the car had parasites twelve sixteen four twenty twenty four. Thirty two two beautiful. You'll set up. It was nice at the box. The boxes that they went. And everything and i would have the guys do a lot of simple movement patents double kettlebells deadly if double kettlebells squad claim double bell push press you know. I was trying to apply what i was doing with my credit bob. Bill type training. I shouldn't say that because it was. Let's just say it was bobby trying 'cause it's given the wrong impression of cross-fitters and trying to apply that to the pock situation the same patents and using load and intensity as the metric that is creating the training stimulus for them. And i i look i look now at what i'm doing and i'm training people who are way more capable than those fuck rodney. Most stronger mobile like lasi more athletic and not all the people. But most of them. And i i can kick their asses with one twelve kilo kahlil bell in a way that i couldn't get close to with two twenty four to thirty two kilo. Kettlebells back then

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