Markie Post Passes Away at 70


So an actress You probably remember from the eighties Markie Post has died. Host is best remembered as feisty defense Attorney Christine Sullivan in the popular eighties sitcom Night Court. What is it that I do? That's so strange. Well, how about the time you drove three hours to get a Bullwinkle Pez dispenser? Yeah, A post also had roles on a B C's The fall guy and CBS's hearts of Fire. She often was a celebrity player on many game shows, including Match Game, Hollywood Squares, Our and Password Post, losing nearly four year battle with cancer. She was 70. As Christa Mayer reporting. I read a number of Facebook post from people who worked with her and said she was just a very nice lady. She seemed that way. She didn't seem like one of those people who's you know, not know.

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