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That end out his funding going on around the state of Indiana. We all know some of them. I 69 Martinsville to Indianapolis. The North split. But many of these are projects that are on state highways that maybe only two lane highways. Some of them are all on major interstates like I 4 65 or 4, 69 or I 69. And to get to 1300 projects. Um, we're going to have accidents. I understand that as recently as yesterday as a matter of fact construction worker in northwest Indiana We've got to do better. 2021. We're investing over $2 billion and just in construction and maintenance alone on Indiana highways. Resurfacing over 2000 Lane Miles rehabbing, replacing over 750 bridges, completing over 90 traffic safety projects to ease congestion and reduce the risk of crashes and our end up maintenance crews. Will chip seal a favorite of many mayors and county commissioners around the state of Indiana, tip seal over 1100 Lane miles to keeping our good pavement and good or better condition. I'll highlight a couple of those major projects. As I mentioned I 69 the finish line as we have you driven through Martinsville. You probably haven't driven through there very quickly lately. Um, but it is coming along quite well and hopefully by the end of November, we will have the closure

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