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Live. here that live on the air dislike. We're going to read this one right here right now and you never know it could be yours. Buckle up and hold on tight we got it for you here. it is. The strawberry letter comes the crise subject. My husband doesn't know his place. Your stephen shirley. I've been married for fourteen years and i have to keep reminding my husband. Who's the boss. When we met he was unemployed. And i hired him as a delivery driver. I managed to pizza place at the time and after we started dating i had to let him go because he was always late for work. Presently regional manager for fast food chains. And he's a waiter at a neighborhood restaurant. Our love has survived. Its short his shortcomings. And i've been very patient with him despite me providing a great life for him. He still doesn't know his place. He thinks he can go out whenever he pleases. Without discussing it with me i. He washes clothes whenever he wants to wasting water that he doesn't pay for he's inconsiderate and we'll bring food home or himself without saying if i've already eaten all i ask for. It is his respect and peace of mind that he's appreciative of all. I do for him last sunday. I took a nap. And he had a friend over and they were playing the video game in the din and it woke me up. He got upset when i asked his friend to lead and got up in my face. I locked myself in the bedroom. Because i had never seen him so upset. The next day he had to be sweet to me because he needed me to help him pay child support for his sixteen year. Old son he knows how to win me over by lebanon me for hours and hours and then running me. Some hot bath water. That gets me every time but then a few days later he gets rebellious again. I scan his phone bill the other day and there was a strange number on it so i asked him about it. He says it was the number two a psychic. I told him. I see the future. And it's not with me if he can't learn to stay in his place. Is that too much to ask. What are you freaking kidding. Me lady this is just not right. Okay this is a crazy relationship you have going on here. I just can't believe my eyes. What i read in this letter. I think it's beyond ridiculous. I don't know if you realize this but your husband is not a little boy. He's not a pet or something You may be the one in charge of the money but your attitude lady is really out of control. I mean you have the most money in the marriage okay. Great that doesn't give you the right to strip him of his dignity and talk to him all crazy and stuff then no his place and you have to remind him who's the boss and and all of this craziness come on. That's not what a wife does you treat them like a child. Your husband doesn't do what you tell him because he's sick of you and he does alike you you're telling him to stay in his place and everything i mean. What does that really. He's not your servant and you're not his drill sergeant or anything like that so stop talking to him and treating him like that. Repeat after me repeat after me. Okay because i know you're listening. He's my husband not my child. He's my husband not my child and he's not my little pet. My little doggies stop that. Okay tommy some wrong with you. I don't. I don't like you a lot okay. I don't i don't like you a lot. it's wrong room to utah. You know what. I got no jokes for you. I'm just going to be real. You talk down your husband. You treat him like he is your son or or one of your kids. This is terrible and and basically this is all about you you you. You got the power. I got to control. I make the money. I do this. I do that okay. Coup but it is their respect level somewhere for your husband. And i'm not saying you'll husband has not done some trifling and things because i think he has done some things but i think you've gone well beyond that because of the way you treat him and for you to just disrespect him in front of his boy. Why he he's at the house komo here grown man. How you to treat this man like this. Surely y'all got to be able to sit down and say okay. Let's work this out. How are we going to treat each other. How you gonna treat me what i expect from you. What you expect from me but the way you talking is man you own. I mean you know. He's a piece of property. You'll come on later. You got to respect your husband. He he is he is. He should still be the man of this house. You are the man the woman and everything else. I'm done i. I wouldn't be married to you. I don't i don't like you a lot. I don't i really don't i'm sorry. I have to keep reminding what i have. I run your water. It's going to be some super hot bath. What i'd say you're not going to join one. I run but what about this line. He washes his clothes whenever he wants to wasting water that he doesn't pay for on wash clothes. If you don't wash them when you want to walk come on you gotta ask her to wash your clothes do the laundry this is craziness all right mojo drowsing in dry. The strawberry are coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour. Gotta hear from jay and juniors well subject. My husband doesn't know his place. We'll come back right after this. You're listening to morning. Show all right guys. we're going to recap today. Strawberry letter the subject. My husband doesn't know his place a woman wrote in. She's been married to her husband. Well i guess you could call them her husband for fourteen years and she says she has to keep reminding him. Who's the boss on. She makes the money so she feels like she can talk to him and treat them any o- kind of way. She manages a pizza place when they met and they started dating than she had to let him go because he was always late for work. Now she's a regional manager for a fast food chain. He's the waiter at a neighborhood restaurant. she said. Our love has survived his shortcomings and she's been very patient with them. She's provided a great life for him but he still doesn't know his clay. He thinks he can go out whenever he pleases without discussing it with her. He washes his clothes whenever he wants to with water. He doesn't pay for. I mean just on and on and on and on and on he had a friend over they were playing video games got upset when she asked his friend to leave because she was sleeping. She locked herself in the bedroom. And she's never seen him that upset but the next day he was sweet and he may loved her for hours and her bathwater.

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