Israel Bombs Hamas Sites in Gaza Over Fire Balloons


Israeli warplanes bombed hamas sites in gaza in response to incendary balloons launched from the palestinian end. Clave that caused brushfires in southern israel. Its military said early on tuesday. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the ass. Strikes that targeted what the military said was a weapons production facility and a rocket launch site belonging to hamas the islamist group that rules gaza since egyptian mediated. Ceasefire halted eleven days of israel. Hamas fighting in may gaza militants of sporadically sent balloons laden with incendiary material into israel drawing israeli strikes on hamas facilities palestinians say the balloons aimed to pressure israel to ease restrictions on gaza and permit aides to reach the territory. Balloons launched monday set off fires in israeli fields along the gaza border border. Violence has spiked despite an israeli announcement last week of a resumption of qatari aid to gaza. A move that had been seen as bolstering. The fragile truce confronting gaza protesters' budding ties and throwing explosives along the border on saturday. Israeli troops shot and wounded forty one palestinians critically injuring two medic said palestinian gunfire seriously wounded an israeli soldier. The military said days before saturday's violence gaza militants launched a rocket towards israel. That was shot down by. Its iron dome anti missile system in the first such rocket attack since the may twenty-first cease-fire.

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