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My lady act like a man and think like a man little play on words there with the title of your book steve. You get that well anyway. Dear stephen shirley. I am dating a beautiful strong talented woman and everything was okay in the beginning until we had sex for the first time she controlled everything from start to finish and she did not let me do anything she got on top. And that was it and it seemed to go on for ever chrome. Oh i tried to talk to her and plead with her to let me do some of the work but she was not trying to have it. The second time we had sex she brought in toys. Yes mine girl had toys and thought she was going to use them on us. I stood my ground and told her that was not going to happen. After that i started noticing things like her wanting to drive all the time when we go out and she always rubs my back in public and helps me out. When i'm ordering food in restaurants we were out last weekend and she grabbed my butt in public in front of several of. My boys are still joking with me about that when we ride the train together. She always insists that. I sit and she prefers to stand up. I know that she is a very independent woman. And that's why i love her. I can't get with this type of behavior. I wear the pants. And i need her to know it. What can i do to get her to back down and let me leave. Please give me your opinions on how i should handle this situation. Well one thing's for sure. She's not a shy girl in she not at all though and she is a bit controlling. Wouldn't you say. I don't like the controlling part i really don't i wouldn't like it if a man did it to a woman. I think she's a bit much. However a lot of men in your position would welcome this They really would especially the sex part now. The public part about her sitting you sitting on the train and her insisting that she stands and in all of this and grabbing your but you know she she's too much. I think you'd think she's too much to the point where it isn't even fun for you and i gotta ask you. She did all this the very first time and then the second time she brought toys. You said you spoke up. When she brought the toys. I guess you put your foot down or something and i just think you're going to have to do much more of that. If it isn't too late it might be too late because she is in control of this relationship whether you like it or not you say you wear the pants in the family and you need her in the relationship and you need to know it. Well i mean. I guess it's never too late but you know she's wearing the pants okay. She's wearing the pants and she's in control and you're doing what she's telling you to do. She tells you sit down on the train. Guess what you do down on the train. Yeah i mean you know what is it. Why don't you speak up. Why don't you let her know how you feel. What is going on here. Are you the man in this relationship. You need to ask yourself that. Because she's pretty strong and you're doing exactly what she says That's my opinion in this situation. If you want to do something different you gotta talk to her about it if she'll listen. And if you're sitting and she's standing steve well my lady act lack of maine and thank lacombe. Everything was okay in the beginning to we. Mesler have sex for the first time she control everything from start to finish. She did not let me do anything she got on top and that would it get. It seemed to go on forever. This focus he'll. I don't know when the last time i been had sex and i see it seemed to go hale was going on joe statement was it seemed to go on for il. I've heard women say that need any time. Just look a bit of focusing you could end. This can be overnight so she control everything she got on top and that was it. I tried to talk the hook plead with her. Let me do some baby baby baby baby kid down baby baby baby. Stop for a minute hold up. They bounced stopped bay. Come in they hold up the whole damn baby hold on. Please please do so you get out. Let me get let me get too big too much abuse going on too long it. This long right here bothered about feeling some kind of way. Please please please. don't do that. No more they are last about five times thirty times stop. Stop please our wanted like that. No more you spank me down. What spank me favorite. Stop spanking me. I wanna spank you. Stop me to mouth. No more okay. Don't don't slap me in the damn mouth. No he's too much. I listen steve. Hold it right there.

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