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Show once. Welcome pro come on. Because the the battle began. Welcome to off the vine. Your host kaitlyn bristowe might face hurts after talking to my guest today. It's stuck in giant laughing smiling face and if you don't already follow her on instagram. You need to do that and if you don't follow her on talk you need to do that to average fashion blogger. That's handle but she's so much more than that. She is an up and coming comedian. We're all going to see in all of the movies before we know it. I'm putting my money on it. I manifesting a role with her and jennifer coolidge. But there's actually a lot more to her at her story than just her hilarious funny videos that we see online there is writing work of practice and thought and planning people forget that a lot of comedy is scripted and written and has to be performed an executed. Well for it to be as hilarious as it is so actually really loved getting to chat to her in this more like realistic real side of her and what goes on behind the scenes of her videos also hearing about her decision to have part of her stomach removed to help change a very toxic relationship. She had with food and how that's changed her life. I asked for a bunch of listener questions. So find out what her bachelor limo entrance would be and her confession which requires finding the other person in the world who had happened to but she can even back and you know what a good five second rule game that she failed miserably at but almost made me pee my pants so overall win pop in some bino vines and i hope is episode makes your day all hail the in corn. I ever since with you like what's out my god i dislike you. I'm so glad i discovered you. Okay so i'm gonna start off with the cameo that you sent me because my girlfriend cat is the reason why i found who you were. She was like you need to follow average fashion blogger. She's like the funniest girl on the internet. And so i started falling on ticked off and then instagram and we would send each other videos of you all the time back and forth and like anytime we were having a bad day or anything. Just send a video of you and so she was trying to figure out what to get me for my birthday and she got a cameo from you and she was like look. I knew she wasn't going to disappoint but she literally just did a three minute skit for you. I'm just saying this is like the best gift i could ever give you. I've watched it. I showed all the people in the bachelor rule. Like nice tokai. And she's gonna listen to this podcast. She's like she literally text me and said are you podcast with her and she put like corn emojis cited so. I'm glad she asked me to do that. Then that's yes it was. It was just incredible. You did not disappoint. I have questions about that cameo later but first i wanted to know. I always ask comedians. This if they come out of the wound funny like you funny as a kid. Or 'cause i knew you discovered your love for comedy later on in college right kind of yeah well like i always my dad and i like going up. He was always like. I was funnier like make him laugh. And i know. I always was like appreciated by adults for my humor but unlike was known for being funny but it wasn't like funding funny or i feel like when i moved to l. a. Ellard more like what might comedic voice is yes like headed off with people and like make them laugh casually but i didn't know how to like create and right until i moved and like really like committed to it. How did that happen. You just were like. Oh i'm look. Did you have a different career path. And then you're like wait. I'm actually way too funny to be doing what i'm doing your day in office. No a lot of child air. It happened so like organically and in college. I was like okay. I really do think. I wanna move to. La to pursue acting and comedy nine newcombe. You would be like my way of getting in the door but like acting was always the big i wanted to do. Yeah so then. Average fashion bloggers started. Because i was just like making fun of one of my friends and it started really just to like make. My friends laugh and gains a following on my campus and so really was like. Oh god. I hate those video like sony beginning like. That wasn't funny. I can't leave the back but it was so much of lake. Just like continued. It was like a drug. Like i couldn't stop creating this and then like getting feedback. I would ask everyone. I would like in my sorority house. I would like hear someone making one of my vide- like listening to one of my videos. And i would like stand by the door and wait for them to laugh. And if they didn't laugh. I would like take notably tainting. That's funny but like maybe i tried this. It was so like it's been so much of just like engages my audience in learning from them. That says a lot about your confidence. Because if i if somebody's watching a video that i thought was funny that i did and they didn't laugh i'd go crying a corner. I wouldn't use it as motivation. I wouldn't be. I'd be like i can quit. I can't do it no idea anxiety. It's like it's like okay. I have to figure this out. Like i'll i'll figure out i'll get him like i can't. I cannot imagine i. I went pretty far back into your videos. And i thought they were all hilarious. And it's funny. Because i'm obviously in the world of like so many bloggers influencers guilty of stuff myself and i do laugh art. Because it's so easy to poke fanatic kind of thing in the bachelor franchise. It's i watches viewer. And i'm like this shit is so funny guide crying already but then i'm in it. I'm like oh my god so sorry. Yeah it's like but it's the what was i just watching you were okay. Guys this curse. It's from walmart. I love the vintage.

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