A highlight from Fireside Chat: Creativity with Jessica Alba & Rebecca Minkoff


Back everybody hit. My next guys needs no introduction. But i'm going to give her one jessica alba. I am so proud to call her my friend. He's incredible talented humanitarian actress and entrepreneur founder of the honest company. There's nothing that this woman can't do. So when i asked if you join us live today. And she said yes it literally. I was dancing in my chair. So thank you so much jess For joining neons exciting day. And welcome to my book. Lunch event. congratulations decade. This is so exciting on my god. I know what you know how meticulous you are about everything you do and so. I can't even imagine how much time you've been thinking about. Every word that goes into this book and all the different edits and you know the labor of love that you put in all that you do. is in this book and i'm just really. I'm so happy for you and so proud of you. You've accomplished so much In your life and you continue to raise the bar for everyone also brings so many people along i think. What's so amazing. Is your journey as an entrepreneur and as a woman doesn't feel like yours alone and you've always brought others along with you and let other people participate in your journey of success and learning and being curious than doing better and being better so i just wanna thank you for your friendship and for paving the way. But it's people like you that these women lift them up in. You launched them so i wouldn't be here without you and your support so i you know when i curated this women Mandate you. I wanted each one sort of honing in focus on certain aspects of the book. The book is unlocking the new rules for creativity courage in success so i would love to dive into grade. Tiffany with you. You're incredibly creative. It looks as if you never stop. And i'd love to hear a little bit about what gives you creative energy. Where do you go when you just don't have it. I think as artist not necessarily what you do. But sometimes i'm like i'm data donor else to look so i would love to hear how you keep your creativity or don't either one. I mean i would say. It's funny when i'm forced to do sort of one thing one thing only i tap out like i dry up i. I'm not in a. It's hard for me to be inspired just in anything in life that i have to if i'm just like linear in anything and going through the motions for may it's interesting because i think it's just the way a i process information. I also think it's the way that i think. And i see the world and i don't know if it's something you're born with or if it's something that can be taught but for example and i think this is just indicative of of maybe partially who i am but also Instead of trying to i guess sort of change who. I am fundamentally from who i was as a child and sort of like putting a lid on it if anything i think i leaned further and further into it. The older i've i've gotten and the more i stay connected with my child's self and intuition and creativity. I think the better. I am so just to give a little context to what i'm talking about is i was a kid and i grew up in the military. My dad was in the air force and he worked in personnel so we had kind of like the a desk job like a sexy pilot. You know in the air force. It was really like he. I think he worked in the it department. Which is ironic. Because good luck getting him to really like fix anything especially anything electronic But he was in the. It department personnel in the air force and he had like you know three jobs. It was pretty like going through the motions kind of thing. And when i was a kid i went to the local pub public school. Whatever they had and it was You know pretty segregated town. Del rio tech says it was like the white kids and the mexican kids and they kept. They always put me in with the mexican kids which is fine. If i spoke spanish classes were were completely caught in spanish. And i just. I didn't speak spanish. I don't speak spanish. I wish i spoke spanish but And the teachers just wouldn't listen to me so that was like my first sort of like understanding that people are just gonna do what they know and they're going to try and fit you into this box without really caring or even being curious about the context of who you actually are so that was like one of those like. Don't judge a book by its cover kind of thing that lesson that i learned pretty early in life because there's also There was a lot just inherent supremacy like white supremacy that goes along with the privilege and the and the way that the white folks sort of like operated and and spoke to people in the same spaces That the mexican people whether they were born in america or not they just like were treated totally different

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