Mask Mandates Are Returning to Las Vegas


As we go to press right now. It was just announced a little while ago. Masks are coming back to las vegas. It's unfortunate. I think we kind of saw it coming. Because as the cases increase. And there's talk about you know more infections in the delta variant. What have you. They were encouraging more mask-wearing and you know here comes in in. Vegas is going to be a part of that. Well yeah and here in san diego. Same thing the county's now recommending That everybody where their masks indoors yeah whether you're vaccinated or not. You still need to wear a mask. So i imagine out at harrah's rincon when we go this weekend. We'll probably see people wearing masks again. I mean i don't know how the casino feels about that but they recommending that you do it and i'll probably wear one. You probably will last heater around. You know all your patients. So they can't afford positive. And i like i said i kind of like the idea of not catching other things like a cold or any pictures. Even though this isn't particularly cold and flu smell. And i got kind of used to wearing the mass. It is unfortunately there's no question it's unfortunate but again they kind of just announced that before we started recording here. So if you have a trip planned for las vegas just be prepared for that. We didn't hear any talk about plexiglass dividers. Going back up or limiting the number of players so right. I didn't hear any talk about separation. Just the governor mandated mass to be worn indoors. Yeah so so again. If you've got a trip coming up be prepared at least for that. At least for

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