Reaction to Tesla's Q2 Earnings Report & Earnings Call


We're here we just got tesla's cute cute. Twenty-one earnings report and shareholder letter and wow the results are phenomenal. I'm extremely impressed with what has been able to accomplish in the second quarter. Uh going to quickly go through. The financial results will look at a couple of takeaways from the shareholder letter as well and then we are going to segue into the earnings call. Afterwards of there'll be a different link for that down in the show notes but we'll get this out before then so right off the bat. Let's just look at some of the numbers here. Shift over to excel and we can see how tesla's actual compared to the analyst consensus as well as the numbers that was forecasting so deliveries. No surprise there came in right as we expected them to as they usually do automotive sales. tesla significant beat here versus what i was expecting in versus what analysts were expecting a three percent above my levels two percent above the analysts consensus that was driven by Better actual average selling prices because as you can see here regulatory credits which we talked about. In the preview i've consistently been forecasting those two high this time forecast them to her forecast tula previously. This time forecast them. too high. as at five hundred million deaths reported three hundred fifty four million meaning non automotive sales excluding regulatory credits was way way higher than what i had expected meaning average selling prices. Were much better than what. I had predicted Same thing here. With energy tussle beating my expectations by twenty six percent. Animals consensus by thirty nine percents Driven by just greater They say greater recognition of mega pack sales as quarter. Scroll down here. We can see that. A tesla over about one point three gigawatt hours of energy storage. A second highest ever. I and significantly up quarter over quarter about three times. What tesla did in key one. I'm quite a bit higher than my expectation as well as analyst consensus so that drove a beat on the energy line and then the service and other line that also came in ahead of analysts expectations. About right where i was. Forecasting it at So tesla delivering a pretty big beat about a four percent beat on the top line number there with about twelve billion dollars in revenue up ninety eight percent year over year

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