A highlight from S5E7: Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion


You. Lie from inside go sean. At least one part of go tron. Which part of tron wherein. I made a left at some point ended up in albuquerque. And now i'm back here. No matter arm leg or head reporting live on inter dimensional lawrence the unofficial. Rick and morty podcasts. Hello everybody oh. I oh god travis i want i wanna i wanna say this. I that that was dedicated to eric browser. Who who is is one of the guests sars in this episode. That that we're gonna talk about later and he's also one of the looney tunes characters and so last time i was writing the central bear with me. I was thinking of bugs bunny in the classic cartoon shorts with him and daffy duck where they make a wrong turn and alburquerque newish. made that left at albuquerque. Right it's dedicated to him. Eric thank you so much for listening to this show. Thank you for being a part of this. Show our favorite our favorite guests of all time out a him. Shout shout. thank you for. Thank you for being here Yeah anyway Welcome ourselves. I'm travis these brandon and we are on the downslope we. We are headed towards that sweet sweet season finale of season. Five rick and morty counting down every episode. we're we've been here week in and week out sometimes more than once a week you never

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