How To Increase Your Penny Stock Trading Profits Now


The first thing that i need all of you guys have really wanna take your trading serious is to get some type of trading journal or have trading notes right whether you keep it in a physical journal whether you right in a word document and google drive by that you. Keep it into an excel spreadsheet. Doesn't matter the key thing is just having this type of journal and the whole aspect of behind it is to have certain socks right have look at certain ones and then be able to make certain predictions based off of your quick research on it or when you first start all who might take you ten fifteen minutes to do the right amount of technical analysis. Look at the charts look at the fundamental analysis meaning. The news of people are talking about it. Is there any good contractors. Any bad news coming up is a penny stock. Just you know if you look at the fundamentals real quick if you take a look at the balance sheet or the income statement using yahoo finance or in a lot of nowadays a lot of stock softwares out there. I'll be doing an episode on it. Have some recommendations over at in penny stock dot com. But you know if you want to be able to improve. You need to make sure that you're writing down in analysis of what you think if the stock is up the next day or if it's gonna go down or i have the right to simple head offices and the reason for that is because as you continue doing this right and this is going to lead into step to the watchlist as you. Keep kind of making improvements or making predictions on your wash list. The better off you're v because you'll start understanding l. looking as to why you either right or wrong and you'll be developing your trading skills. Now you're never gonna be one hundred percent right but a lot of the times. My traders usually get to a point of being eighty to ninety percent correct. And that really allows you to be very beneficial state because you can have confidence that you're looking at the right type of catalysts that are affecting the

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