Turns Out My Ex Didn’t Get Eaten by a Shark



Well per us. I'm joined by my co host. He's the youth pastor for our high school ministry called climax. Please welcome tom graham. Hey allie hey gray. How's it going with your climax kids ellie. I'm in a bit of a personal crisis right now. in fact i'm just clean of. I guess like i feel like i've seen it goes to something you look like. You've seen a ghost. You're pam what's wrong. Well halley i guess for those who've been listening for awhile you know that i've had to really serious relationships in the past year you've mentioned before i've head mingo kim tomato got eaten by a shar do's and and also Becky buca over. Good about bob and Halley it turns out that mango is still alive. What she survived the attack there was no attack halley. No shark new attack no. She thinks her own death. Apparently she faked her own death. Halley i know so i'm kind of freaking out. 'cause i'm finding this all out because you know i had to. Essentially she started contacting me at my old place right now. Actually crashing it. My jeep set about with. I'm not sure if i mentioned in my class. And so she started leaving all these crazy messages and my old place. Until i'm like well. I can't go back to my condor and so now i'm just like pretty much. Hold up at the duplex and i'm just gonna stay there now because apparently make a ease back and she's alive. She was just hiding out in mexico. And like a love nasa something. And then. what's crazy. Is that becky to buco game. And then she got a like jelly of everything like my kids. Say and so. She's like posting all this trash online. About how like. I don't respect god's house to you know basically get like advance my career which is insane. My crew is amazing. So i'm just dealing with this whole thing right now with. I've got these you know you know. These three people like vying for my attention. You know to people.

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