Reshaping Your Career Through Change and Uncertainty With Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel

Papa Phd Podcast


Welcome to partic- katie inky. I'm so glad to be here. I'm really really happy that you here. We talked we've We've had some conversations before this interview and Well before going into the meat of what we're going to talk about Maybe i will just let you introduce yourself. Talk quickly about your your academic journey. You know how why you got attracted to the domain that that you that you studied and then Maybe just a also quickly how. Then you transitioned to the non-academic space. Yeah so i'm i'm originally from southern california small little beach town named called summer land actually and I grew up on the beach. I loved being outside and in the water. Just kind of always fascinated with the ocean Ended up going to uc san diego for my undergraduate degree where i studied A few different things started out. As a pre dental major. Actually i was going to be orthodontist and then decided that that was definitely not for me after quarters of school and ended up switching into a ecology behavior evolution. Because i always love the change. Yeah so i just really liked animals. And i liked the idea of studying something not allowed me to go outside and so i did that. Search majored in. that's when i graduated. I had no idea what i wanted to do though. I didn't really know what a career meant with that kind of a major a lot of direction. I just knew that. I liked science. And i really liked communicating science of love talking to people about what i had learned

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