Maed in India Founder/CEO, Mae Mariyam Thomas, Breaks Down India's Growing Podcast Market


In the last five years podcast growth has been on an upward trajectory and twenty twenty alone podcast apps like spotify ghana and gio salvin saw a forty two percent increase in time spent on their platforms. But what kind of parkas are in listening to well. Most media people in india no the basic. Abcd astrology bollywood cricket and devotion. And not that. It's very different in podcasting. But some of the most popular genres are definitely spirituality and religion sports particularly cricket india is also a nation that loves storytelling. So sean ras like romance and crime and mystery also. Draw an active listener base. Now podcast listening also has a relatively young audience. Geo salvin released a podcast advertising playbook last year that said that ninety two percent of their listenership was below the age of thirty five. Their playbook also said that they're streaming incites suggests that podcast listening is a companion activity. Where it kind of takes place throughout the day. Two and five listeners stream shows while doing household chores one third listen while working one and five while driving or commuting and there is also data that shows that people are listening to podcast just before they go to sleep.

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