A Record Number of Women Are Driving Trucks to Pay the Bills


Record. Numbers of women are getting jobs as truckers demand for new drivers and higher pay are big factors. Here's stephen basan with the gulf states. Newsroom it's worth remembering that. Trucking is a pretty rough job for long hauls. It means sleeping in a caught behind the front seats. All those hours of sitting behind the wheel can lead the blood clots. Plus you're driving around the seventy foot long vehicle dangerous enough leads to different horns. Pamela williams is a truck driving instructor with dnc training academy in jackson mississippi. You scary situation that people are exposed to that kind of startled them but that the no truck ezekiel alien. Please get your life yet. Despite how intimidating the job could be more women. Today are taking the wheel and driving across the country. Williams says the main reason comes down to pay. Because i mean you looking at. I could go to a job. They'll work forty hours and bring home four hundred dollars. I could go out here in a week and make a thousand dollars a quick thousand dollars doing something that i like to do. That's good a lot of the retail and restaurant. Jobs typically held by women were much more likely to vanish during the pandemic. Some trucking jobs also disappeared early last year. When everyone went on lockdown but demand for drivers started skyrocketing soon after as online shopping surged. That's led to higher pay which is attracted a lot more people including women. The number of female truck drivers has jumped almost double digits in the last year. According to the us labor department's

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