Rep. Chip Roy Explains Biden's Open Border Harms Both Migrants and Americants


Are coming into this country with all kinds of diseases. The CDC just said they expect potentially Measles to become a problem again as a result of people they're bringing in from Afghanistan who weren't properly vetted. Now we have 11,000 Haitians under a bridge in your state with 10,000 more behind them. What the hell is going on here? Mark. Good to be able to show as always. I mean, look, if you set out to harm the United States of America, I don't know how you could do a better job than the bite administration is doing and eight months that they've been in power. And what's amazing is is that they've taken something and they have found a way to actually harm migrants and then harm the bury people in our country that they're supposed to protect at the same time. While pretending it somehow compassionate and we now as you just said, we have 10 or 11,000 people in Del Rio, a $10,000 way Haitians. We have their FAA being told not to allow drones so that we can have new shots being Broadcast around so people can see it. We have 4000 people in a holding facility in McAllen, where the where there's still flowing through. We have an enormous number of people. 1.4 million Mark 1.4 million Who have been apprehended. That's the entire city of Dallas that have been apprehended this year. And of those about half a million, we know have been released. Several 100,000 are known gotta ways we have at least 800,000 people in the United States because of what's been happening and divide administration not only doesn't care It's willful. It's purposeful, and they're doing it in blatant disregard of the constitutional duty to defend the United States of America, they are failing to faithful sleep faithfully execute the laws of the United States. And I believe it's not only impeachable, but that now Governor Abbott in Texas ought to take this into our own hands and do what we need to do to secure the border. The United States

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