Border Crisis Sparks Calls for Change in Immigration Policy


June twenty first two thousand nineteen jv pritzker signs measure to help protect illegal immigrants in illinois governor jv pritzker in june of two dozen nineteen signed three bills designed to protect illegal immigrants in illinois that would prohibit law enforcement agencies from coordinating with federal immigration authorities. Pritzker sign the keeping illinois families together. Act which prohibits local law enforcement from coordinating with immigration customs enforcement. Now this was two years ago. Why am i mentioning this. Because you have blue states by the way this is one of thirty examples of blue states that have been signing laws that prohibit police officers and local sheriffs in da's from coordinating with federal officials. That's an act of secession. That's an act of nullification saying we don't want any part of this. Federal compact and we as republicans and conservatives sat idly by like. Oh yeah that's bad. Let's keep going to the courts they've been ignoring the courts and ignoring the laws for years. And so then when one point eight million illegals come into the country to change the country permanently by the way what do we do. We beg joe biden for help. So what are the democrats do when things start to trend in a direction. They don't like they take action. The democrats have the willingness to reshape. Destroy the country. Republicans are getting there now. Some people emailed us and they said well. Charlie couldn't joe biden nationalize the national guard. It is very rare to do so usually only done with the consent of the governor and prayer pet presidents have rarely federalized a state or territory guard without the consent of the governor in the wake of hurricane katrina president. George w bush declined to take control of the louisiana's national guard due to the objection of governor kathleen blanco. But this is such an easy thing. First of all joe biden can't nationalize state troopers. Secondly he can't nationalize texas rangers. Thirdly the governor of texas would say i'm sorry what did you design a piece of paper. There's still our national guard. They're not gonna listen to you federalized nationalize i mean federalize. And so what should have been done. And what's still can be done. Is every single. Texas ranger national guard member state trooper that can be allocated should be deployed to the southern border with handcuffs and arrest authority and charter flights. Ready to send people back where they came from

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