Metroid Prime With Greg Sewart - GMMF 142 - burst 17



To this. This is one of the first games where you could link your gameboy dance to get you get a fusion suits your that which i'd never knew about until yesterday and i looked at video right. I don't think i've ever seen it. I i know. I mean i have both games and i i feel like i should have but i have no memory of it last scene you see. She takes off her helmet. Can she stand the on her ship. Yeah which is also very metro-dade That was that was the good ending with well. That was the middle ending. And the original metro-wide there three endings on that one too can. Maybe the planet doesn't blow up the crater on blows up the planet doesn't nevermind player so the wind doesn't blow happy like they're not a lot of time when i finish a game and i'm just like yes and after. This is one of them where i felt so so proud of myself and i was thinking you know what fourteen year old. Mike is proud of thirty three beating this dan. I'm going to have to go back and finish it now. you should. It's just it's one of those game you can't put if you put it down for a month. Don't even bother trying to start right. Yeah exactly it's just kinda game because there's so many little things that you you won't remember that this game you have to know or just you won't catch on nothing. You won't catch a little hints to gain gives you the hey remember the thing you scandal longtime ago will now you have the power moms to blow it up like you just won't even think about. Yeah i find it hard enough now to keep keep track of that but i mean that's you know a good i think in general that still strikes a good balance because it's it's always shepherding you towards where you need to be two main line but it's like you know if you're paying attention there's a lot of stuff you can go back and do that. We're not going to tell you about but it's there you know what i mean. Yeah i do it. It's very much like that. I mean i was. I i do wanna play. Metric echoes now. I don't know if i will anytime soon. But i want to. Yeah i i was. I was feeling the same way. It's like you know. I'm really enjoying this. Maybe maybe i just didn't give echoes chance. But i i don't know i might go back and mess around with it but i don't i don't ever see. Yeah i don't know. I probably if the if the trilogy comes out on switch i might give it a shot to high. Hope they release it really hope it do that. And switch yeah. This game is only on gamecube or we is the only way to play this currently illegally. That is not enough like this game is something that nintendo mean. I play a lot of games from old game. This still holds up amazingly. i

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