Buyers' Remorse Runs Rampant Among Biden's Former Cheerleaders


It's pretty clear we have a bigger problem now than we've had in years and this is a these policies have turned it into becoming a magnet. So he's got a lot of work to do incredible chunk taught who is a reliable cheerleader for the democrats for the bite administration just rattling off a number of crises lang them at the feet of the current encampment. Let's are somebody who believes in unbiased reporting the creator of just the us dot com john. Solomon we played a cut in the first hour from cnn. Talking about might have multiple crisis. Then you have chunk. Todd you have a stephanie ruling others is something happening in the mainstream media. John i wrote a star the other day that said that buyer's remorse starting to set in even among people who embraced by nearly the media is currently wanted them and chuck. Todd was a great apologised for joe biden. All astier into the beginning of this administration as was cnn and msnbc we also see an enormous amount of buyers remorse from our foreign allies france. Great britain grave concerns about the way joe biden conduct. Things and i know he just said in the clip there that it's key issue of of credibility. I think the american voter see something. Different isn't just credibility its competence. We don't blow up people who are innocent with a predator drone and call it a right to strike. We don't open the border and bring cove into our country. That's just the competence question. I think the bigger issue that joe biden's presence he's going to with long-term is is he. Competent president did we vote for someone who sounded good but can't

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