Why Chris 'Mr. Reagan' Kohls' Infamous AOC Video Resonated With Conservatives


Video in which appear that truly monk to you as a as a conservative coming out of the the hollywood closet was the afc one gives just a little synopsis of that video. Y you think it resonated so viral. Yeah i mean. I think with a lot of journalists. You know. I don't know if i'd consider by salvage journalists but a lot of times. You had just have a confluence of information. That kind of happens at once. You're so reading the tea leaves. You're looking at what's going on. You're asking the right questions right time and in my case i noticed that. Ao see in interviews. Would you know she was. She obviously. Didn't know what she was talking about. She had no idea anything about politics and yet occasionally she would come out with some historical racial injustice. Like redlining. something. I hadn't heard of before she brought it up and so she'd go and talk about these minute details and like throw out names of people historically that. I never heard the names of that. Were in her mind civil rights heroes or something like that. And i'm thinking and how the hell does she know these minute. Details about american history and yet when asked about her opinion on something like the israeli palestine conflict. What the hell. She's talking about so obviously she's being coached right. Obviously there's people who know what they're talking about and saying you know say they say they say this an interview and presumably also telling her how to vote and you know how to you know giving her legislation to get past that and so i started looking into it. I actually went to see pack. And i ran into a senator. I don't remember who it was. And i said. Hey who do you think is Is is pulling the strings of ao

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