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The following podcast is a deer media production. Hey guys i'm whitney port and this with wet a lot of you may know me from reality. Tv and the reality is a lot's happened since the hills with the which is dedicated to having real raw and occasionally ridiculous conversations with the people who have had a profound impact on me. Life changing moments life-changing people because on with web very little off limits. Hi everyone welcome to with with if you are new to my podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. It really means so much to me. This is just this. Like little voice journal that i do and i hope that you enjoy it and i hope you have as many takeaways as i do as you listen to these great conversations and real personal discoveries i make along the way my personal update is that i'm still in southampton i'm here trying to enjoy at timmy's fortieth and then also just getting a lot of work done a little bit hard to balance but trying to make the most of like those really amazing moments. Don't want to complain so this week. I have something special and different. I have a best of with situation and this episode actually features my favorite most memorable. Most slake hug -able moments from conversations with my sisters and just missing them so much right now. Just feel so nice to be out of los angeles and to be like out in the open but it's jd's birthday tomorrow shoutout jd. This will happen later but happy birthday. She's in los angeles. I'm just missing them. So i thought we would put together. This cute fun heartwarming compilation for you. So first up is from a conversation. I had with my older sister ashley. We chatted at. The beginning of the lockdown was last year and she is an event planner and an amazing woman. Who's come such a long way. And she really shares deeply her experience of going through heartbreak while building her business and being the creative entrepreneur that she is so here is ash a little history about myself is that you know jeb. Cut sick quite a long time. You know. it's been seven years and you know literally. I look back on my life in these past years and i'm like one day i feel like i had it all or at least i thought that i had it. All you know like happy marriage a successful life speaking from like a financial perspective and at and from a relationship perspective and from our family which you know we've always been a happy amazing the bonded family. Then we you know got hit with the news. The job you know was terminally ill and even though the word terminally ill was not used on that monday when we were given the news our lives changed on that monday literally on that wednesday so forty eight hours later. My marriage completely blew up in my face. Even though it has been years. You know. I i felt like at that time. It was like one day. I had it all and then the next day it was all over. I felt like from a relationship perspective. I had been kicked to the curb after being in a ten year long relationship. And you know like there was a lot of self care and self. I guess like realization. You know. I had to go through and to figure out what had happened in my life. What was going to happen in my life and it really forces you to take a real serious look in the mirror. Yes figure out. Like what the hell are you gonna do with the rest of your life and for me. It's like. I was so young when i felt like i had figured my life out. You know and look you you. You had a plan and your vision did and it was happening. It was actually happened. It was happening. I mean we were putting an offers on a house and we weren't yet about having kids. I mean like seriously and you know all of those things where it's like literally it's one day you have it and then the next day it's totally gone right now like i'll be honest looking back on it now. I feel like. I have grown so much and learn so much about life and myself and how i want to be treated and how i deserve to be treated in all of those things. Think about what my life was. That i was so happy with at the time versus what i would expect. Agra relationship now is like night and day you know yes yes. It's not just has to do with getting married young and then growing up and growing apart or being slapped in the face and then having to pick yourself up you know like i think it's all of those things it's it's all of those things combined but like for you there so much also questioning because these things happened in your life and then you're like wait what what is my pardon race then you you start to grow insecurities and that can start to spiral to like. There's so much not only questioning trust and all the other things that you have to question. But it's questioning yourself to and having that whole journey and i mean you know like obviously Started with therapy and We got involved with our house you know. During our grief process. I had lots of outlets to talk about how i was feeling how i was doing. How our family was doing you all of things but it was a really challenging time and like i said before it's like as you know my life was really very serious upward trajectory and then all of a sudden it's like okay. So who are you ashley. And what are you gonna do with the rest of your life. And so you know once i was able to get my legs back. You know underneath me again. I was like all right. I gotta figure out my job you know like an you know that s ever. Since i was a little kid. I've always been entrepreneurial i've always had some sort of like side has so whether brian and i were selling off does on the corner or i was making you know headbands with rhinestones on them. Always are making jewelry or meeting. Yeah exactly yes had so many businesses. And i've been able to a nice little savings for myself by doing those projects and like babysitting or camp counseling or whatever it was like i felt like during my marriage. I definitely lost. That became the typical old school wife. You know who makes a beautiful home you know and takes care of all of

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