Interview With Daniel Kornev Chief Product Officer at DeepPavlov


Daniel gornja. Welcome to the voice. Podcast much brackets and big for me to turn today today. It's my pleasure to have you. This is a long time in the making. We've been i guess chatting on slack for maybe year and a half something. Yeah i think so. I started to read your westport. Insider was fascinated by opportunity to look into your think to on hand Why not took. Yeah that that's that's how it happened. Well the is really perfect. Because we're going to talk about a few things today. Obviously d. Pavlov is a project i've been interested in for at least a year. I don't remember when i first came across it but it might have been might have been. You introduced it to me. Or maybe shortly before that i found out about it but definitely answered that project and then obviously you've been involved recently with the elec surprise social competition. We've had another conversation about that about this. What a perfect time to go a little deeper on that because it is a different way to build bots and so really looking forward to this conversation today. But i'll let you get started. So why don't you tee it up for the The audience right now first and let them know what d- pavlov is before we get deep sure depot is like lab at moscow's physics and technology. That is focused on conversational And neural efforts Officially cool to neural networks in Terrain but Wednesday were standard like full. Five years. ago it's also got to down moniker Because follow fossil famous russian scientists who discover it reflects us in all those things that encouraged scientists researchers to understand how human brace books and we still have a lot of things that we have to uncover. But that's was formed as the name.

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