A highlight from Robert Thurman: Mind, Self, and Reality (#123)

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Professor. Tom and i will just read an article. Can you hear me. okay. Yeah i can hear you. Good yeah i. I read an article just before we come on about a guest. She in taiwan who is In took them all and He was in took them for. I think like twenty days and they had scientists come in measure his brainwaves and everything and they showed that new neural activity was Going on ten days. After into yoga. And i thought that was a little strange Given and so. I was hoping then i was thinking that strange but then i thought oh now. I'm going to talk to professor terminal just the exit and so i was hoping you could talk a little bit about what took them is and and micro kind of neural activity. Though can you say more about what kind of neural activity. It was yet. They put a eg machine on him. I guess they had you know. I don't know which waves but some brainwaves coming. Actually we'll put it right chat The article that. I was reading all right. All right i was i was thinking. Maybe you could just talk a little bit about took them. Well you know the the Subtle nervous system was long ago tracked by the indian and tibetan scien- inner scientists. What we call intra scientists. Are you call the mind scientists but actually it's also the body because it's also the brain but it's the total body brain and i understand although i haven't been able to search out enough. Yeah there's a new discovery by elizabeth blackburn. Neil ties out Of something called the interstitial him which has been accepted now by some researchers neuro researchers as a new organ gets fascia and also all sorts of nervous flow energy systems in the body that form a single a single system. so it's sort of like a total body brain and many of you may have heard of the of the famous chakra system. With the you know the break sometimes the forehead level in the brain and then the crown level in the brain and then the throat level hard level naval level under genital level or base level moolah dada you know and then all many networks that connect them and the complexities of the ganglia are you could say in those different level and the reason a person can do took them is that they have in their lifetime. They have opened that system. And learn to consciously navigate and to dwell in that system and one of the phenomenon involved in opening that system is cessation of ordinary respiration. And then somehow and this is this is i don't understand well and you know there's something they don't too much because apparently if you get there you know what it is but when you you still get oxygen and you still your heart. Blood circulates and gets to the you know the oxygen gets to different parts of the whole nervous system. The whole brain nervous system. But somehow you don't have to pump it in and out through the lungs. Somehow you open all the pores sort of mystery. People have i s llamas and i've witnessed other people. I'll say llamas for years now. Well when the central chat channel opens and you put all the energy into the central channel and with droid from the course body nervous system then what happens to of course body. Then you're sort of these. These amazing states meditative states. But what happens to the corresponding. Because you're no longer breeding. And then nobody really answered that question very well and at least not maybe dan. You've heard something. Maybe daniel daniel knows some oral traditions. Special oral precepts. He told me one that. I hadn't heard i couldn't believe it that i hadn't i'm practically dead now and i still hadn't heard it from all i've known and daniel told that you me so he's my guru in that sense and They don't as well.

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