A highlight from S3 E216: Mindspeak ---Worrying About Taiwan


Hi folks on welcome back to mind speak. i'm your hosa mark antony rousey. This is gonna be episode. Two hundred and sixteen worrying about taiwan. Now we're going to talk about this further into the show but There's so many recent developments particularly what happened in afghanistan If you do recall. I'm sure a lot of you do because they've got a lot of email about it. We did the afghanistan show as the first one to launch Mind speak sort of a sub program inside of the strength of human shelter. Be human productions and well. It went even bad more badly than i ever could have expected it. I really didn't expect even this president to drop the ball this badly Nor did i expect the taliban the move. That fast honestly thought they would be done by october. And there'd be enough time to evacuate everybody but this is what happens when you put together a plan poorly and we'll talk about this because unfortunately even though taiwan might be quite a long way from afghanistan it has ramifications taiwan. So we will talk about that now to give people a good overview his best to do that especially when talking about a country really talking about. Taiwan is kinda. Give you idea where where they're coming from on the situation so because a lot of people don't realize this case so and people who follow militarily and politically these sort of things day no but the average person then that really dead aware of that all right so basically in nineteen forty nine a general by name boakye he. He led a force of chinese inside mainland china in the civil war which he lost and when he lost he winds up going over to the island which we now call taiwan and create the republic of china and it's been a separate entity ever since and china's not been happy about that because they believe it should be part of their. I guess you could say their empire the way it's growing right now and you already see what happened with with hong kong with. They've done you know. They broke their word. Of course With with the british they went over there a lot sooner the direct everything everybody who says anything about freedom democracy in jail and that'll be the pretty much the premises for everything else they do. That's they are the communists they hate freedom and they hate anybody else. That thinks something different than they do so. Taiwan is definitely endangered here. Okay now taiwan. It's a relatively small island only about thirty five thousand square miles. Okay is a very dense honing in about twenty six million people. But that's a lot of people would be put on the small island all right very urban very very developed country. They were able to be very successful with their with their trade with manufacturer that really known for electron ix and and steel. I've been there as now incredibly fascinating place people just so wonderful and English is spoken a lot there as well so they made a little easier for me. Thank god 'cause Chinese really is one of the most difficult languages to speak in the world. I don't care what anybody says. it's it's not easy and but they made it easy by by being such wonderful people. Now what has happened. Was this island becomes a pretty much military dictatorship based on checks Rule okay it's not communist but it was definitely military dictatorship. Then what happened. Is that faded away. And by round like nineteen seventy nine to so it's sort of becoming a more of a democracy with actual president and the constitution in all of that then from there things became a dicey because for the longest time decay shake forces on that island and mainland china have been in conflict to the point where literally the china was shelling the islands around taiwan even taiwan whenever it was possible they had they had one they had one time where it was a stretch of forty four days in nineteen fifty eight china shot. Four hundred seventy thousand shells into the islands killing almost a thousand people. This five forty four days stretch. That's how upset. They are evidence in the nineteen seventies. They was still showing them but once they became democracy day came up. They came up with this a very loose agreement and we'll talk about that further because the word loose agreement is is probably a misnomer. How ridiculous this is but pretty much. They said that we're we're we're one china. We won't really describe with that supposed to mean but was still be two entities at that point.

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