A highlight from Uncle Kevin Malls and A guy in a Marvel Onesie

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Hopefully goes well now. Cooking gas sounds like maybe it's a little too. Well he hasn't been there was of. It was kinda blowing out the speaker in my your day. I was getting a little blow so all aid. Welcome to the podcast show. I'm still leaning towards changing the name of allah stuart. What's called the maximum. I wanted to come back to this garage. We could just call it. The maxwell's traffic impacts traffic the maximum. The max experience. Yeah into those. I like max's garaged because that's where report us we're joined by. Carrie the dog we are here. Welcome back it exactly three weeks. It's two and a half so that gives us way we're Thank frame of doing new episode right. Yeah right issue timeframe each. It's not a month. it's less than a month. So we're here. We're ready to do it. Look at that. let's just go ahead and say it's early. You're welcome back. We're we're we are on. Fire your fire here today. You know because you got to get an podcast move. You know what i mean i do. You can't just come in here and not have energy in her like focus or anything like that. You can't be all like look the podcast. You gotta be like a little up. This is not npr. That's what you're trying to say. This is not national public radio. No this is not this this week on cereal. Yeah we're not. we're like bad. We were like more like we're going to try to make you laugh a little bit. And maybe you can relate to similar stories. we're gonna tell. And who knows who knows where openly but i just want to throw out. There don't mean to bad mouth cereal. That was a great podcast. It was they just did a third season. I think they just completed lost me after that for that military season. Kinda was kinda like i. I only listen to the first season. I i listen. I listen to it with my wife where we were on a road trip and i fucking loved it and at the end okay spoiler at think everybody in their mother heard the first season yet. Anyway spoiler alert at the end. It leaves you with certainty do it or did he do it. You decide to have an hbo documentary on it documents on the guy. They think the documentaries before the podcast mick anyways anyway. I'm not done with by store. You go so it ends with. Maybe he did. Maybe didn't you decide. And my wife was furious. She wanted goddamn closure and certainty in this. She's like i. I waited for hours and hours to find out if he did it. That is this as she will. Never listen to another podcast with again. I have a fan of true crime private podcasts. That's my jam. Listen to you. Like if. I'm if i'm walking you need but put put on put on a true crime podcast. Just because it's like forty minutes.

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