A highlight from The Suicide Squad Breakdown + Afghanistan War Veteran thoughts and feelings on the rise of the Taliban | Malice at the Palace (Netflix) Will's Film of the Week!


Effort that it required to take over a country essentially and on top of that they have a pr campaign. That's coming out about right now. Where people are like in the they're doing interviews with taliban press people that's pretty amazing and they doing it all like somehow coordinating all this for the last twenty years. You have to remember that they have. They were a government prior to being taken out of power. They did know how to run things. It's not like they were small organization by any regards. They were a very big organization and they had a lot of roots and a lot of family. Run deep in that country. You know yeah and just like american politicians. They're already often lying about their new government when they're interviewing them this morning on cnn. They're saying oh well what do you think about women going to university and we Do you think it's okay. Well and i'm like bullshit you want to know you wanted to strike her dad right now. The imaginary woman they're talking about and it's it's obviously not going to you know the point is right now is whether america's going to recognize them as a a as valid coup or. What are they going to stay quiet. They are as of right now. The the treaties been signed. Everything's been done. They are the legitimate afghanistan government as of right now now should they be acknowledged as such. I dunno their future actions are really going to dictate that because you have to look at everything they've done in the past the way they fight their wars they way. They handle their aggression. They're very passive aggressive right. They want everything to be done from the shadows while they are out in the front looking like the best people in the world. We want this that the young girls to go to school as long as they abide by sharia law they can do whatever self expression they want. Basically as long as they're within a group of girls alone in a house with no men around they can talk about and do whatever they want. Yeah that's it like. They can't go anywhere the vote. They can't their pictures. All around. kabul city has already been painted over. Like you have to. You have to understand that this country is now going to the stone-age right now right absolutely if the country is actually willing to allow us to withdraw. The allied troops not just american troops by allied troops. So there's other countries there. There's the english there. There's the ozzy's there. There are other countries still in there as well so them allow us to withdraw safely might be a cover for future attack or it could be them offering the olive branch you know but based off their past actions. I don't i don't know yeah and you know. Probably a a no. Yeah yeah. I think. I think you've got it right. It's just a veil of to kick everybody else out so that they can start their tyranny and and suppress it in a way that other people won't build the sea and exactly. I think it's kind of a are. It seems to be as of today are stances. Hey player's gonna play. Hate is gonna hate like let them do. They're going to do and which is kind of a slap in the face because we've spent twenty years holding the fort down and it was taken away from us in like two days well but noone there's just but then at the same time it's like you gotta let them do their thing because they are but not not at not at the expense of what the way we're seeing on on news and everything in the way things are happening and obviously there's tyrany and and going to be a people that are fearing for their lives from the fact that we're seeing families literally holding onto the wheels of american naval or military planes are taking off and literally falling from the sky to their deaths because they want to get out of the country so bad it's like world war z.

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