How to Improve Site Speed With Andy Schaff


Andy how are you today. I'm doing well. Thank you for having me my pleasure. Thanks for coming on the show. And i'll just say right off the bat that i'm really digging. This is not a video podcast so for the listeners and he has a very Looks like a very complete record collection behind him So maybe we'll talk about that in build something more we'll see. We'll see where the conversation takes us. But before we get into any of that really Andy why don't you tell us a little bit about who you are. Which do particularly what does development architect mean. Yeah so it's It's a contributor path with portent. That i've been on for a long time. Now i've been working with porn since two thousand and four and and i didn't start off being an expert with site speed or really being an expert at all Over you know over the years of doing lots and lots of client sites and and you know failing in some aspects and learning and improving in the technology's changing i've i've you know worked up the expertise to get to where i'm at now And what that means. I'm more back end focused. But i implement everything that happens on the front end. So you know the term full stack. Developer gets thrown out a lot. these days. how many true full stack developers are actually are I would consider myself a little bit more of a full stack implementation engineer. Like i i don't you don't want me doing your css. Because i'm not trained in it right. But i understand how it works. I can set up the preprocessing workflows and things bat nature. But my expertise is more on i create environments that that make site super fast Working with the various caching technologies and configuring. The web servers like engine nexen apache to make those sites run very quickly or at least give the really good server response time which is a backbone of of a lot of fate speed

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