Michael Anton Says U.S. Should Have Made Afghaninstan War 'Short and Big'


This is a good one. Michael Anton is terrific, right? We've had him as a guest on the show. Now, I think twice spent on my Fox news show as well. The pieces in the American minds called Afghanistan doing from the start now, Michael Anton Calls out the swamp but admits Hey, listen, I was in there he was in the national security infrastructure team. The Bush administration and also the Trump administration. But he's been in my opinion, a truth teller on these issues. And let's bring up the idea of revenge first, and we'll go into another point. He makes about how the left and the the the world utopians always like to celebrate diversity. And yet when you bring up the idea of diversity, and that cultures may view democracy differently. Representative democracy then it's considered racist. You can't say that Well, we'll say what we want, because it's not racist. It's factually accurate, but getting back to the whole idea of revenge is, Congressman Crenshaw said this morning, not being a strategy. It absolutely is. Anton says this These are quoting Machiavelli. He says. The Romans Machiavelli says made their wars short and big. Americans have taken to making our wars small and long. We inflict pinprick strikes over decades rather than getting the whole thing over within a matter of days or weeks. A better strategy right after 9 11 would have been to do what we did, but finish the job at Tora Bora and then leave immediately with a note on the fridge, saying, if you do anything like that again, We'll be back quickly. With overwhelming force. And we'll leave just as quickly. We will do that as many times as you

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